Wednesday 24th January 2018

by Barbara Thomas

If you’ve ever been employed, may have at some point come across the term sick note, which is sometimes synonymous with terms such as doctor’s note or doctors excuse note. This is a note usually given by a doctor or medical practitioner to their patient, who can be a student or an employee. The note usually contains details or information about the patient, most commonly their name, a statement that a medical exam was made, the date, and recommendations to be excused from work or school for a certain time period.

Other information may also be included in the doctor’s note, provided that it doesn’t contravene the laws of patient secrecy and confidentiality. It is mainly used to provide a doctor’s excuse for the patient. This being the case, here are 4 ways a doctor’s excuse note can benefit you. You can get an excuse at a place like this.

1. Excused Leave Of Absence
This is what most employees and employers are familiar with. A doctor’s excuse note can provide proof to your boss that you were actually ill when you call in sick at the office. In most cases, the employee retains the filled or printed document for future reference. In most workplaces, the days taken off are counted as paid leave.

2. Exemption from Certain Tasks
A doctor’s excuse can also exempt you from tasks such as lifting heavy objects or dusting furniture in case your health status doesn’t deem you fit. While they are not always necessary, some employers or academic institutions may require a doctor’s excuse for such cases. As a matter of fact, some institutions ask for a doctor’s excuse note from individuals who request for special diet programs.

3. Excuse for Lateness
You can get a headache, fever, or small cold and pass through a doctor’s office on your way to work or school. When you end up arriving late, a doctors excuse note can excuse your late arrival.

4. Excuse for Missing a School Exam
A doctors excuse can also help you secure a retake or special test for a missed school exam if your health was the reason you didn’t take it in the first place.

Before using a doctor’s note for work or school, it is important to, first of all, ask about the required procedure to do so in your respective institution. This way, you can avoid pitfall and inconveniences when seeking a doctor’s excuse.

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