Monday 1st September 2014

by Barbara Thomas

dr note excuse form 123123I have work and school that I have to worry about, which leaves me with little time to spend with my kids during the week. When I feel overwhelmed and just want a day off from work, I don’t want to have to feel guilty or worry about losing my job when I call in. Luckily, have a fake dr excuse every time to help me get out of my job so I can spend time with my kids.

Granted, I can use my kids being sick as an excuse, but I feel a lot better if I say my kids are sick and I have a note to prove it. After all, my boss isn’t going to let me stay home just because one of my kids has a sniffle, but if they think my kid has a sprained ankle they will let me rest easy for a day or two. Sometimes, I even use the template to create an excuse that claims I am sick so I can have almost a week off without worry.


I use these sample doctors note from for school as well, particularly if I have a heavy school load and a lot of assignments are due. I don’t want to get a poor grade because I was genuinely not feeling that well or I just needed to sleep in one day. I use these blank medical forms & templates to get out of class while still being able to turn in assignments later. No one is the wiser, and I can live my life with my kids and not have to miss out on everything. These notes come in handy, and when I need a doctors professional excuse, I can print one off easily to use whenever I want. This is a great doctor’s note site ( where you can get your hands on a note to help you skip work.

Warning: There are numerous cases wherein an employee gets kicked out of a job because of turning in a fake physician’s note, this should serve as a lesson that we shouldn’t go after free doctor’s note templates because the ones that are paid are those that works! One Great example of a site to acquire doctor’s’ note is from

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