Saturday 15th March 2014

by Barbara Thomas

fake doctors noteDo you know that you can get school doctors note for free? Yes, you can and you can use these notes in the school or workplace as excuse. These notes are supposed to be signed by your doctor stating that you have health condition or medical emergency that could not make you work or study.

These doctors notes are also referred to as fake doctors notes, and you can get them for free without paying a dime. This is possible via the Internet. If you are wondering how to get these notes, the following details can guide you.

  • You need not worry about the stress and cost of getting a doctor’s note for an excuse if you don’t have the money. With the Internet you can access many websites that offer free fake doctors notes. These can help solve your immediate need and excuse you from missing work or school.
  • When you have accessed the website, you can search on their free templates and select the doctors note that suit your situation. This is important because there are very many types of notes and each should meet the particular need of the user. For instance, you can access notes relating to emergency visit, sudden abdominal pain, migraine headache, severe back pain, severe abdominal pain etc.
  • After accessing the most appropriate note from the website, you can download and print. In some of these websites, you can edit the template to suit your need before printing. After the printing, you can fill in the relevant details. Some of these notes already come with a doctor’s signature so you just print and submit to your employer or school.
  • While the idea of how free doctors notes work could be appealing, it is important to be cautious about how to go about this. Most free doctors notes from the internet are of low quality and employers can easily detect they are not genuine. It would be important that you compare notes from different websites and go for one that offer the best of quality notes.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful and you can follow the details to make good decisions.

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