Tuesday 1st July 2014

by Barbara Thomas

When you want to miss duty, you can feign sickness although a ubiquitously used reason by many workers. Thus, the employers may be inquisitive requiring further evidence to prove that you are sick. If this is your plan, do not unwittingly make some common mistakes that naïve employee make and get caught for presenting forged documents or even get fired. This plan is poised to succeed if you do not miss duty regularly for the same reason. If you have the bad reputation of skipping duty for no good reason, the plan may not work well.

The character of the doctors note (from iamjoshboston.com) should be that of a medical excusal document. If all the essentials and details of a typical doctor’s note are omitted, it will be approved without scrutiny. However, suspicious features like lack of verifiable means and unprofessional appearance can devastate your plans. To subvert these drawbacks, go through the online dr. form and diverse options to get an ideal excuse note. This is important to get the most suitable for your context.

When submitting a note please also check out the school/works rules on absence verification.

The symptoms of illness should not be the kind that is not provable by a healthy person. If you have pneumonia, the symptoms may be manifest after a few days of convalescing. To make it look real, feign trivial but yet compelling like headaches and intermittent stomach pains. Times are tough especially if you have a demanding boss and an emergency arises, your last resort may only be the doctor note template. Thankfully, there are many companies that specialize in the creation of the excuse form from a doctor.. so you can get a professional and genuine doctor’s note to get excused from work. With all that said, you can always consider just submitting a request.

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